Custom Patio

We had the pleasure of working with this great customer, they requested a patio big enough to indulge there love for college basketball. We added a die to the concrete slab in the center with a broom finished, so they were able to play basketball and a decorative stamped boarder to accent the area, also with a contrasting die.

Retaining Wall Keystone

During some of our bigger projects , we come across areas of grade that are considerably steeper than other areas. I recommend a retaining wall in these areas, it is much safer to have a couple steps instead of a steep sidewalk. In this project the customer wanted to add sidewalks from his detached garage to his house. After looking at many options we decided to go with the keystone 2 to help with drainage and accessibility around the structure. Customer enjoyed the look of the steps and the 6′ walkway we were able to create between the wall and the garage.


We provide a full service of commercial pours, including: sidewalks, interior slabs , curbs and gutters. We have a experienced staff that will follow your blueprints, while abiding by commercial building codes and ADA. We look forward to working with developers, contractors and individual business owners with there concrete needs

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is always a great feature to add to cross walks, pools, driveway boarders, and sidewalks. All job sites  are prepped with base material compaction to prevent cracking. We plastic off the boarders to prevent die from getting on the adjacent surfaces and staining. Die is added to the concrete inside the concrete truck to assure that it is mixed completely to get a even color throughout the concrete. All stamped concrete is sealed with 4 misted coats to ensure a consistently sealed surface

Custom Parking Pads

We install custom parking pads in any location. We strive to meet customers demands, such as size, thickness, finish, and accessibility.  Raleigh Custom Concrete pours all driveways and parking pads with 4000 psi concrete.


When pouring a driveway we take our time to make sure all structures close to your new driveway are protected . We are able to form up your driveway in any shape and size , to maximize your parking area.